Are Low Carb Diets Bad For You

Are Low Carb Diets Bad For You? 5 Disadvantages

Are low carb diets bad for you or not? Some experts insist that low carb diets don’t work and could even be dangerous to your health. Then there are other experts swearing by a low carb diet.

One thing most nutritionist agree on, is that most of us, especially overweight people, crave carbs. Then there are the nay-sayers who say that by eliminating them from your diet, you’ll only turn on and turn up the cravings.

Here’s the most interesting fact about low carb diets: All carbs aren’t the bad guys! In fact, according to the The Carblovers Diet Cookbook you’ll quickly learn that there are two types of carbs and one is not only not bad, but is one of the best tools for losing weight.

To help you decide if low carb diets ARE bad for you, here’s 5 proven disadvantages of a low carb diet. To be sure there are plenty of advantages also.

Here are five simple, solid tips from The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook that may have you rethinking that ban on carbohydrates you’ve been struggling to stick to.

5 Disadvantages of a Low Carb Diet

  1. Low carb diets leave you feeling stressed and sad. A recent study by Australian researchers that appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine followed 106 dieters for a year, half were on a low carb diet, the others were on a carb-rich diet. At the end of the year, the carb eaters were feeling happier, calmer and more focused than those who’d deprived themselves. Carbs are known to up the levels of mood regulating stress reducing brain chemicals, while high protein fatty foods might cause these levels to drop.
  2. Low carb diets leave you fatter, not thinner. The stress and depression that most low carb dieters feel is enough, over time, to thwart even the best efforts to stay on track. The reason? Stress produces lots of hormones, like cortisol, that increase your appetite and make you vulnerable to binges according to obesity expert Elissa Epel, Ph.D. who is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.
  3. Low carb diets can’t be sustained over the long term. Most people can tough out a low carb diet for a time, but it’s quite another thing to do it for a lifetime. Studies show that people have a harder time sticking to low carb, as opposed to high carb, eating plans. In a recent Harvard University study of 322 dieters, just 78% stuck with their diet for up to two years, while almost 90% of those on a high carb diet were still following the eating plan at the end of the study period.
  4. Low carb diets bring bloating to your belly. According to the National Institute of Digestive Diseases, belly bloat is a key sign of constipation, and this is a common side effect of that low carb diet. In one study as many as 68% of participants on a low carb diet were complaining of constipation, compared to just 30% of the non dieting population, and 35% of dieters who were eating more carbs.
  5. Low carb diets make people feel deprived, making dieters start to crave carbs according to a University of Toronto study of 89 women where half restricted the amount of carbs they ate, and the other half did not, When fed a test breakfast three days later and told to eat as they wished, the low carb dieters stuffed themselves, while the other women kept to their diets. The bottom line? Cut out carbs and it’s nearly impossible not to binge when you relax your guard.

While low carb diets as well as food journals are known for fast weight loss, much of what you lose in those early days is water, not fat. In the long run, the picture is not so clear and experts are likely to continue to argue the point.

Remember, when it comes to weight loss, it’s the cutting of calories, and the increase in regular physical activity that is the tried and true formula for weight loss.

Are All Carbs Bad for You?

We all want to know if low carb diets are safe or not?

And I’m pretty sure we all agree on the fact that high carb foods just taste good.

Why? Because most high carb foods are loaded with sugar and starches.

But, are all carbs bad? Nope!

Complex carbs are good for you, and your body requires them. There different than simple carbs because they take longer to digest, make you feel full longer, and provide energy longer.

They are also full of fiber, vitamins and minerals where simple carbs are known as “empty carbs”. That’s because they really have very little food value, and quickly turn to fat stores.

Here’s two list, the first is the complex carbs that are healthy. The second list is the simple carbs that are not particularly healthy and quickly create weight gain in most people.

Good Carbs

  • Bran
  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • Brown rice
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Wheat Breads
  • Wholegrain high fiber Cereals
  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Low Fat Yogurt
  • Most Fruits

Bad Carbs

  • Table sugar
  • Cakes
  • Pies
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Soft drinks
  • Canned fruits
  • White bread
  • Anything made with white flour
  • High sugar cereals


The truth of the matter is that the majority of people dieting fail, and about the same amount fail with low carb diets. That’s primarily because they eliminate all carbs, instead of the simple and unhealthy carbs.

There are definitely disadvantages of a low carb diet! However, when you choose the right carbs and leave off the unhealthy ones, weight loss is easy.

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