What'S The Best Diet For Me To Lose Weight

What’s the Best Diet for Me to Lose Weight?

There must be 1000s of different diets and diet plans for losing weight, but What’s the Best Diet for Me to Lose Weight? When you start a search for the best diet to lose weight it gets downright confusing. To be perfectly honest, like you, just any diet won’t work for me to lose weight. In fact, the best diet for me is usually different for everybody.

For instance, some of us simply need more calories to sustain our energy all day. And, to be sure, some diet plans get too pricey for me. And don’t forget that the best diet for fast weight loss probably isn’t the same as a diet that promises long term results.

To be honest with you, What’s the best diet for me to lose weight is the one I can afford, doesn’t harm my health, and promises I can endure to the end.

Some diets have you eating expensive gourmet delicacies while others seem to think simply starving the weight off is key?

Some completely avoid important nutrients and others don’t appear to have many restrictions at all?

This post starts out with 6 tips to keep in mind while looking at different diet choices. Because Carbohydrates are really the main culprit of weight gain to start with, there’s a little about good carbs vs bad carbs. And finally reviews for 5 popular diets that have stood the test of time.

So, What’s the Best Diet for Me to Lose Weight?

Because we all know of the abundance of choices available, let’s start with 6 tips for choosing the best diet for you.

1. What’s the Theory Behind the Diet?

What makes the diet work? Spend some time researching the diet plan that excites you and find out just what nutrients it provides, and which ones it restricts.

Reading about the diet itself should help you discover first of all, if the theory behind it is realistic.

2. Researching the Diet

Get as much information as possible before you commit. If you don’t know already, I can tell you that the best results come from strategic planning and forethought — before you jump into any weight loss efforts.

Most every diet known to man today has a website. Take the time to pay them a visit. Read as much as you can, and see what they have to say.

Contact them through the comments or contact form for answers to any questions. They may have an ebook with more information, and Google the diet name followed by “reviews”.

3. Read the Reviews

Reading the reviews will give you a good sense of how other users found the diet, and if they lost any weight.

A word of warning: Never read the reviews on a website promoting the product or diet plan. We all know they’re bent to make it look good.

Just take your time and search out legitimate reviews. If the product is on Amazon, there will be plenty of reviews, good and bad.

4. Look for Drawbacks

Common sense is always the priority.

So, look for reasons your own body might have trouble adjusting to. If you’re skeptical about anything you see, it’s a good idea to research the point and ask questions.

There’s no sense in buying into a plan that you aren’t sure of to start with. Weight loss motivation is hard enough without starting out with doubts.

5. Do They Have Support?

I can promise you, all commercial lose weight diet programs won’t have reliable support.

You don’t want to buy into a weight loss program online, have a question or problem, just to find out their support system is lousy.

There are programs that deliver healthy meals to your door, and it’s imperative that you have an open channel of support. So, be sure to investigate this up front.

6. Seek Medical Advice

Asking for your doctor “What diet is best for weight loss?” and his advice before starting any diet to lose weight is a priority.

That’s especially true if you have a lot of weight to lose, are a senior citizen, or have medical issues.

Just give them the name of the diet, and they probably already know of it. Your doctor can tell you what’s safe for you and what’s not.

About Low Carb Diets

Carbohydrates have become a dirty word in the last few years. In fact, they’ve been blamed for a host of physiological conditions and problems. But are all carbs evil?

To start with, carbs are the body’s primary source of energy. They actually provide this energy by adding sugar to your blood.

Two types of carbs: simple and complex

Simple carbs can be found in:

  • Concentrated fruit juice
  • Corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup
  • Glucose, fructose, sucrose

Complex carbs:

  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Nuts

Simple vs Complex Carbs

Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are found in refined or processed foods and more often than not added to food. About the only place simple carbohydrates occur naturally is in dairy products.

There is very little nutritional value in simple carbs due to the refining and processing.

They break down and enter your bloodstream extremely fast giving you a quick and short lived burst of energy. Because they break down so fast, your body doesn’t have a chance to call on other sources of energy, such as fat stores.

Get the picture? Foods that contain white flour, white rice, sugar, corn syrup, concentrated fruit juice bring no nutrition to your body and quickly turns to fat stores.

Refined carbs should be seriously limited and avoided entirely if your motivation and will is strong enough.

Complex Carbs

Complex carbs, on the other hand are usually packed with nutrients. Because this natural sugar and energy source comes in high fiber foods, they take longer to digest.

Because they digest slowly, you don’t get that sudden burst of energy followed by a crash that you get from refined sugar and processed foods. (Even though that’s an undisputed fact, most people today don’t go without a sugar hit long enough to know about the crash?)

Foods that contain complex carbs are more filling and keep your cravings satisfied longer.

These high fiber foods are more filling, which means they’re a good option for weight control. They also help to manage your blood sugar which makes them a good choice if you deal with type 2 diabetes.

What’s the Best Diet for Me to Lose Weight?

Let’s put a few of the most popular diets through the 6 step test and see what diet is best for losing weight for you personally.

 Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is probably one of the most controversial diets ever? Most everyone is somewhat knowledgeable about it, and how it promotes reducing all carbs for better health. However, I’ve personally found this to be the best diet for me to lose weight.

Low and No Carb Diets

Low carbohydrate diets seek to restrict the amount of carbs a dieter eats each day while increasing fats and proteins. Atkins is not the only low carb diet on the market. There are many, but arguably the most competition comes from the South Beach Diet.

Atkins says you could lose as much as 13 pounds in a couple of weeks.

What Is the Principle behind the Atkins Diet?

Atkins says that carbs are responsible for increasing blood sugar levels which in turn raises insulin levels.

The insulin that’s controlling the blood sugar levels in your body is also causing more fat deposits. A low carbohydrate diet winds up with less insulin being produced by the pancreas, and results in less fat cells being stored.

When you restrict the simple carbs in your diet from things like white rice, bread, pastas, potatoes, and sweets — weight loss happens. In the first stages of the atkins diet virtually all carbs are eliminated.

Then you start adding small amounts of complex carbs from high fiber fruits and vegetables to meet daily carb and fiber requirements.

What Support Does the Company Offer?

Purchase the book Atkins Diet for You for the directions and personalizing the program to yourself. It will take into account your gender, age, and other important factors.

Go to the Atkins Diet website for online support. Here’s where you will have access to:

Atkins itself is a free program with a plethora of free tools and information on their website. They also sell protein bars and shakes for supplementing your diet on the site.

How does the Atkins Diet Work?

There’s actually 4 phases to the program for weight loss and weight maintenance. You can enter into the program that seems to best suit your own needs.

Any of the different phases starts off with virtually no carbs that produces a super quick weight loss. As you progress through that phase you will start the next to continue losing weight, but at a slower pace.

Each phase broadens the food range and increases the allowed carbs.

The third phase gets you very close or to your weight goal and allows more carbohydrates into your diet. The fourth and last phase of Atkins is basically a long term maintenance phase. By this point you have been educated and begin changing your core eating habits.

Your normal diet will be built around a lot proteins from various sources, healthy fats, and the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your energy.

The Atkins diet started and continues to be a controversial diet. It is contradictory to a lot of research done on carbs and how they fit into a healthy diet.

The primary function of carbohydrates to the body is energy production. Low carb diets can, especially in the first days, lead to decrease in energy levels. The Atkins Diet has been around for some time and has many success stories to back it up.

Women’s Health Look Better Naked Diet

This diet is designed especially for women by none other than “Women’s Health”.

It’s built entirely around particular dietary requirements of women and makes a point of mentioning what the average female lacks in her diet today.

It list the top 20 foods women must have today in order to keep themselves and their health in the best condition.

Even though the diet continues to be well received by women, there’s one point about the diet that takes a lot of flak.

One hit that the Look Good Naked Diet takes over and over is the name. Naysayers are concerned that it promotes unwarranted female vanity concerning their appearance?

Read about the diet and see for yourself on Amazon. If you’re not opposed to looking your best as a female, this could be a great way for you to lose weight and get in shape.

Women’s Health Look Good Naked Diet

This diet is a 6 week long weight loss program. Like the name says, it’s designed by women for women.

You should lose a safe amount of weight during the 6 weeks as well as start feeling and looking better as your body tones up. In fact, according to the program, your body should start to reshape. In fact, if you’re wondering what diet is best for losing belly fat, this could be for you.

One thing that separates it from most diets is the claim to improve your self confidence. In fact, it seems to have a crash course on looking and feeling sexy built right in. It’s truly for women who want to look good and feel good about themselves in doing so.

What’s Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

The focus comes down to 20 foods described as the right choices to burn fat, lose weight, and flatten your belly. The diet program focuses on the same 20 foods for the entire 6 weeks.

You will quickly see that the Women’s Health Look Good Naked Diet doesn’t only focus on losing weight, but also a strong bent towards self confindence.

What’s the point of dressing up to look good, when your own confidence and self worth doesn’t radiate from the inside? They will help you get there by combining exercise, diet, and self esteem as you lose weight.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Organization?

There is support via a website, and many online resources. You can also opt in to a regular email series.

One good thing about diets that are written in books is the fact that there are no meetings. It’s a free program, other than buying the book. However, there is an opportunity for you to buy online tools for tracking your own progress.

The book itself comes with a DVD and other items to help you get to your own weight loss goal.

How Does the Diet Work?

Purchase the Look Good Naked Diet book and get all the information you need for starting and finishing the diet.

The diet itself starts out with a detoxification for two days. The next step of the diet focuses on getting your calorie intake to 1400 a day.

All the suggested meals are focused around the 20 foods they claim will cause fat burn and weight loss. Like any reputable diet program there will be exercise for toning and burning calories.

Look Good Naked diet has two cardio workouts along with two strength training workouts each week. Based on the 20 foods, the suggested calorie intake, and the regular exercise, Look Good Naked promises that your weight loss should near 8 pounds for the first month.

The Strength of the Program

This program is somewhat different than other because the strength comes from focusing on psychological changes.

That’s really key for most overweight women because most seem to be emotional eaters. It addresses this problem nicely by helping to change the way you see yourself.

Women’s Health Look Good Naked Diet continues to have a ton of success around the world. It’s done and doing that by focusing on a balance between improving self confidence, diet, and exercise.

Prevention System’s Flat Belly Diet

The Flat Belly Diet promises that you will see an amazingly flat belly will 32 days. This is no doubt a big claim for such a short period of time. It actually goes further and claims the Flat Belly Diet will have you losing 15 pounds in those 32 days.

It all adds up to a pretty large claim by Prevention, so let’s take a look at what we know and see it this could be best diet for you to lose weight.

Prevention System’s Flat Belly Diet

If you, like most of us, want fast results from a diet, this could be for you. If it’s the right diet for you, you could wind up 15 pounds lighter with washboard abs in a short period.

To be honest here, Prevention Systems is not fly by night company. They’ve been a leader in the diet and exercise market for some time. The Flat Belly Diet from Prevention has been around for a number of years and continues to attract dieters.

They got out their first Prevention Flat Belly Diet weight loss program in 2010. And today it still promises weight loss of 15 pounds along with a flat stomach in a 32 day period. Their entire philosophy seems to be that weight loss happens because of what you eat, and not exercising.

In fact, I can do nothing but agree with their idea that exercise is not ever required to lose weight. However, regular exercise is always recommended as a way to build muscle that helps burn calories, tone muscle and skin, and make you look and feel better.

You shouldn’t endure any hunger on this diet, due to the fact that the program is designed around eating every 4 hours.

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

The Flat Belly Diet is really based on a Mediterranean type diet and consuming about 1600 calories a day. They want you to get these daily calories from a wide range of whole grains, fruits, lean protein, nuts, beans, and seeds: and partake in red meat only one time a month.

The diet promotes having monounsaturated fats for every meal. The recommended fats include olive oil, dark chocolate, flax seed, and soybean oil. Their idea is that these fats promote fat burn targeted to the belly fat.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Organization?

There’s no real support from Prevention and no requirements to join the program. Just buy the book and get started.

Prevention does have a website with many different weight loss exercise and lifestyle post. It also has an email opt in for daily ideas, but nothing specific to the Flat Belly Diet.

You can find plenty of different tools online to help track your activity and food intake if you prefer. However, these aren’t really necessary for losing weight. Prevention does have an online community for support if you need it.

How Does the Diet Work?

The first step is purchasing the book. Next start out with the 4 day detoxification program prescribed in the book. This should detoxify your body and get the Flat Belly Diet kick started.

You then continue on for a month of dining on the selected healthy food choices. These target giving up bad eating habits and encouraging better and healthier habits.

Even though the diet itself is outlined for about 32 days, it definitely is attempting to lead you to permanent lifestyle changes.

The rather large weight loss resulting from the Flat Belly Diet is somewhat due to water loss, but this is no different from most weight loss programs in the beginning days. I think the diet is a great way to get started living a healthy lifestyle that naturally leads to weight loss over the long term.

Weight Watchers International’s Pro Points Diet

Pro Points Diet by Weight Watchers International is another oldie but goodie. In fact, it’s one great designed diet that just continues to update itself.

The diet actually charts it’s progress along the way, and Weight Watchers continues to make modifications to the dietary plan to stay uptodate.

The single most important thing that makes this diet is of course the points system. When you start this diet you are allotted a specific number of points for each day. The points indicated the amount of carbs and proteins consumed each day.

The only real restriction here, is that the points allowed should not be gone over.

Because as a dieter, you will only be eating the healthiest foods and those in moderation, you can be assured of a healthy Body Mass Index. This is one of the things that has kept it’s popularity high among all the fad diets out there.

Weight Watchers International’s Pro Points Diet

As you know, Weight Watchers has lead the weight loss industry since it’s launch in 1961. The programs long lasting success has always been based on the idea that losing weight is more than just a diet.

If you weren’t aware of it, I can assure you that losing weight in most instances should always be about improving your overall lifestyle and better habits. Weight Watchers has always been about just that, including help and encouragement along the way.

The Weight Watchers Pro Points Diet is now an older program but every revision has been thoroughly researched and based on the best and healthiest diets and way to lose weight.

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

The backbone of the Pro Plan diet is the only known way to lose weight in a healthy manner: simply burn more calories than you burn.

A dieter with this program does this by limiting daily calorie intake based on a point system. The points themselves are based non carbs, fats, and protein content.

Unlike a lot of diets, the program focuses on foods in a dieters normal diet, without relying on changing foods or adding supplement. You can purchase Weight Watchers brand foods at local supermarkets that are low point and add supplements if you like.

However, their main focus is eating what you would normally eat without buying a lot of special foods.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Organization?

You get two main membership option at Weight Watchers. There’s a monthly option that comes with the ability to attend weekly motivational support groups. Then there’s the ever popular online membership option where you can keep up with your progress and find an online support community.

How Does the Diet Work?

This plan may make you think the weight loss is slower than you expected, but that’s because it focuses on fat loss rather than weight loss. One benefit to that is cutting the risk of muscle loss.

Muscle loss should be a primary concern when you’re dieting. Without a healthy eating plan and a balanced diet, you can easily lose both muscle mass and tone.

The way the Weight Watchers Pro Points Diet works is by allocating daily points based on a number of factors including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight Loss Goals

Along with that, you’ll find that a given number of points are allocated for different foods. (Fruits and vegetables have no points)

So you won’t think you will never get your favorite Junk foods again, indulgent foods are allowed on this diet. The plan is simple and easy to stick with due to the flexibility. By the time you get to the latter stages, counting points for what you eat will be easy and second nature.

Weight Watchers’ in general have provided some of the best and most successful weight loss plans available. They provide ample encouragement and opportunity for the lifestyle changes that promote weight loss along with maintenance programs to keep a healthy weight.

HCG Diet

This diet is definitely different than other weight loss diets. The core of the HCG diet is the reliance of introducing a specific hormone to the body.

The basic concept is that your body is suffering from an imbalance of hormones. The HCG diet is about that imbalance being responsible for abnormalities in the digestive system.

Personally I am a firm believer that eating too much of the wrong foods adds excess pounds? Once I understood that eating was responsible for my weight, I knew what to do — whether I did it or not.

However, the idea behind this diet is to provide the body with enough of the missing hormones and health will improve. But, there are some controversies surrounding this, and looking into the repercussions of introducing a hormone bears looking into.

Even though the HCG Diet is highly controversial, it remains quite popular. If you decide to try it out, I recommend medical advice prior to starting.

HCG Diet

What makes this diet controversial for weight loss is that the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is either ingested or injected. Combine this with a very low calorie intake, and watch for the results.

In it’s favor is the fact that many people have found great success with this diet after years of not being able to lose weight with any means.

This is not a new theory, having been first designed in the ’50s, and been modified and re released since then to keep up with the times.

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

HCG is naturally produced in the placenta cells during pregnancies. Sometimes the hormone is found in trace amounts in non pregnant women. The diet is based on the idea that the hormone is believed to increase your metabolism while decreasing appetite.

HCG dieters either self inject or take orally small amounts of HCG each day. For the expected weight loss, this is combined with a highly regulated diet of natural, organic, and fresh foods. The diet plan also limits the amount of fast and processed foods.

Really? I hate to be a naysayer, but I eating a diet of fresh and natural foods while doing away with processed foods is the key to any successful diet aimed at losing weight.

HCG Support

This diet program offers online support at their website along with worldwide clinics. That gives you the choice of attending weekly clinics for support or doing it alone at home.

The online website provides needed information along with support. The HCG hormone can also be prescribed and purchased at a pharmacy. If this is still available today it is a must to seek medical advice before attempting the injection route.

How Does the Diet Work?

There are four different phases to the diet that include diet change, some major restrictions on calorie consumption, a more normal diet with limitations, and a more normal diet consisting of organic foods.

The controversy focuses on the dietary medication not being approved by the FDA along with the very low calorie consumption. The calories are so low some people don’t think it’s enough to support normal body functions.

I don’t really get all the hoopla surrounding the HCG diet at all? The reports are 1-3 pounds a week, which is what you would expect by severely limiting calorie intake along with doing away with sugar, white bread, white rice, junk food, and processed foods.

There is the suggestion that people do see more fat loss in more common fat accumulation areas. However, with any sustained weight loss if you aren’t exercising you will also experience substantial muscle loss.

Most trained nutrition experts think the results of the HCG diet are more apt to be from the diet changes rather than the hormones. And if indeed you are finding the results you need you will probably feel rather lethargic with little to no energy due to the extreme calorie cut.

You should retain that after completing the course with more healthy eating habits, and lifestyle changes.


So, we focused on a few popular diets, that have a long history of helping people just like you lose weight and get skinny. All of the diets we’ve talked about are from entirely different genres.

Some of these focus an being low carb diets, another not so much while concentrating more on meal portioning. Then there’s the diets that claim to work really fast and is very restrictive. And last but not least is the diet based on introducing new hormones to your body?

All in all, you can see that they are all pretty different types of diets, will all promising to be the best diet for you.

The fact is that not all diets are the best diets for you to lose weight. The best approach is to do your research, and see which one would you think would produce the results you’re looking for, and which one would do more harm than good.

I think that any diet plan you pay for can just as well be done without, providing you have the will to stick to it by yourself.

The beauty of any paid diet plan is the support and motivation most of us need, especially to get started losing weight.

The most important part of choosing a diet plan is to think it through before you start. Unless you have only a few pounds to lose for a special occasion, you need changes in your life to maintain a healthy weight.

There are hundreds and hundreds of books, articles, and diet plans out there. What’s the best diet for you to lose weight? The one you will stick to!

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