How To Lose Weight With an Unsupportive Spouse?

If that’s you, this post will help you with how to lose weight with an unsupportive spouse.

Many people hope to commit to at least a few days of their week to exercise. Indeed, if you want to look and feel your best, this is an important goal to strive for. However, losing weight can become a serious issue when your spouse isn’t cooperating with the plan.

So, now you’re up against trying to stay motivated to lose weight while your spouse seems to be totally against your plans and goals. In fact, sometimes a spouse may even work to sabotage your efforts if they see your dieting goals as unimportant?

How To Lose Weight With An Unsupportive Spouse
How To Lose Weight With an Unsupportive Spouse? 1

How To Lose Weight With an Unsupportive Spouse?

An unsupportive spouse can make or break our exercise and diet goals, but it’s your choice as to what happens. When your spouse sabotages your diet, you could let it pull you down and just give up? Or, you could react with fire and vigor! “So you don’t support my wish to be healthy and look good? Well, I’ll show you!!” It’s all in the mindset and how you spin it.

To tell you the truth, neither of those are productive to either your weight loss or relationship. If both are important to you, read on for some… shall we say… sneaky workarounds to get in your exercise without destroying your relationship with your spouse.

Exercise While They’re Doing Something Else

Surely your spouse has his or her own form of recreation to engage in when not working or spending time with family. Does your spouse play golf, go to the bar, watch the game or otherwise enjoy free time? This is the time for you to take action and head off for a jog. You don’t have to say what you’re doing or make any type of declarative statement committing yourself to exercise. In fact, learning how to lose weight with an unsupportive spouse gives you a chance to become a more independent person. Try things like casually mentioning that you plan to walk the dog, and don your active wear. Your spouse isn’t likely to notice anything different, and you’re off to burning off calories. That is, until he/she realizes that you are now one of the thin and slim people.

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Sneak in Exercise While at the Park with the Kids

Assuming that you have at least one older child to mind the rest of the pack, you can take off for a quick burst of cardio as time allows. Most parks have a walking or jogging path. Take to the path while one child, or perhaps a friend stays with the younger ones if you have no kids of babysitting age. Another option is to simply bring everyone along with you on the exercise path. It is always good to get in a family run, and everyone will be tired out at the end this active day.

Become Obsessive About Housework

Have you ever noticed that when you move from one house to another, you usually lose a little bit of weight over the course of the moving process? Why? Well, you’re on your feet for many hours of the day and even the night… going up and down steps, lifting objects of varying heaviness, bending and stretching and giving your muscles a steady workout. This is what they call low impact exercise and it is actually the best way to burn fat. So align your goal of becoming fit and healthy with another goal which maybe is to keep a cleaner and more organized home. You might just find that these two, when done together, produce some amazing results… including slimming down your waist and toning up your muscles.

Get a Pool Membership

Knowing how to lose weight with an unsupportive spouse isn’t really much different than with a supportive spouse: you must burn more calories than you’re consuming. And it’s hard to beat swimming for using calories and losing weight.

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If you don’t already, start taking the kids to the pool. When it’s 90 degrees out is the best time to go for a cool dip in the water. But even if it’s winter, you can still join the local YMCA or fitness club that has a swimming pool. Swimming is a GREAT form of exercise that gives your heart and lungs a workout, too. Do you live near a lake beach, or is the town pool available for public use? If so, then sign up the kids for a couple of swimming lessons while you sneak in some laps.

Get Into Nature

Again, you needn’t talk up your wish to be physically fit if that proves to be a point of contention with your spouse for whatever absurd reason. Some people are difficult and that is that. If you are facing a challenging personality in your daily life then you really don’t have to share your goal of looking better and feeling great. However, you might suddenly take an interest in hiking in the woods, exploring different parks in the area, or perhaps heading out for a walk in the snow if it is winter time.


No matter how determined you are to stop overeating and lose weight, hardly anyone finds it easy.. But learning how to lose weight with an supportive spouse can wind up being an encouragement as well as strengthening your resolve to be successful.

First and foremost, keep your focus on the fact that exercise and balancing the calories you eat with the calories you use continues to be the key.

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So, in the end, knowing how to lose weight with an unsupportive family doesn’t change what it takes to get it done.

However, dieting off pounds is often easier when you know you have someone on your side. One of the best ways to diet off pounds is with either a support group or an individual to support you. So, even though knowing how to lose weight with an unsupportive spouse can be important, it may be even more important to learn how to entice him/her into getting in the act with you.

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