Here is the Motivation to Help You Lose Weight?

If you are like the rest of us, the motivation to help you lose weight is the key ingredient. If losing weight were easy we would all be slim, lean and healthy. But the fact is it’s hard to lose weight and just like you: we all need to be motivated to keep up the good fight.

To tell you the truth, it’s easy to think up motivators to help you lose weight. Just for starters, think about how much better you’ll look. And most of us find our self esteem and confidence soars when we lose weight.

However, because losing weight can really be hard, sometimes that is simply not enough to keep us going. In fact, I don’t know of anything easier than to forget we are dieting?

That’s why we need a desire to succeed that’s stronger than the urge to eat. We need motivation!

You could carry a list of motivational quotes with you at all times, but most don’t? Instead we need mental motivators that have made an impression deep enough to overcome the food cravings. Some reason or reasons that are so ingrained, they come to mind when we are tempted.

Following is the motivation to help me lose weight, and keep it off permanently. These motivators have worked for hoards of people, and they will work for you. They make the sacrifice easier!

The Motivation to Help Me Lose Weight

The first thing to do is get personal about why you would like to lose weight. Start by making a list of every conceivable benefit of ditching the pounds. Really take the time to write a list of benefits and advantages you personally will gain.

This is where the motivation to help you lose weight starts: With your most personal reasons.

Now, tape that list to the refrigerator. If you have a mate, partner, spouse, or family, decide for yourself how important slimming down is to you.

In other words, don’t be embarrassed about your goal to look better and enjoy the thrill of seeing yourself slimmer.

Here’s 8 positive reasons to lose weight to get you started on a new you:

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1. Reducing the Risk for Heart Disease

Heart Disease and obesity go hand in hand

Your health and life are at risk by being overweight.  Excess pounds means high triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, High blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, and hypertension.  

Get it?  Being overweight is more than clothes that don’t fit.

Excess pounds are putting your at extreme risk for heart disease and failing health.

2. Living Longer

Obesity shortens your life

It’s a hard pill to swallow, and easy to live in denial but obesity shortens your life.  And most people find that they enjoy life more when they eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Not sure if you’ve hit the obesity stage yet? Calculate your BMI right here.

What it will be like for your children when you cut your life short due to bad eating habits and excess weight?

3. Ditching Joint Pain

Joint pain leaves with pounds

Osteoarthritis is arthritis from wear and tear on joints.  There is an undeniable link between osteoarthritis and too heavy because your knees and hips are under a constant strain.

Losing weight is much easier with exercise. And believe it not your joint pain will diminish as you slim down and exercise regularly.

Your own joints and legs are built for your own perfect size and they hate those extra pounds you’re carrying around.

4. More Agility and Flexibility

Weigh less and move easier

Even a few pounds over could mean you aren’t as agile as you would like.  It’s more difficult to get the full range of motion for joints when you’re too heavy.  

Even a small increase in flexibility will make you more comfortable in your own body when you’re exercising or doing physical “stuff”.

More agility and flexibility means it’s easier to get up and down from your favorite chair.

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5. Enjoy The Mirror

Stop hiding from the mirror

I don’t know about you, but the mirror was my biggest enemy. I hated seeing myself in the mirror.

Why not let the mirror take on the role as your friend and biggest incentive.

As you slim down and look better in your clothes your unwillingness to make changes will change.

6. Make Shopping for Clothes Fun

Clothes fit again

Both men and women love shopping for new clothes when they carry the pride of a new body with them.  

Here’s where you get to admire your new self and self esteem in the mall mirrors.  Shopping and trying on clothes will now be a joy instead of that nagging voice about your size and weight.

You will wear the clothes you’ve been yearning for. Maybe even get in the back of your closet?

7. Feel Better and More Energized

Life is better when you feel better

Face it! When you’re only few pounds overweight you really feel sluggish all the time.  Carrying around those extra pounds is hard on your body and causes tiredness and fatigue.  

You will love the extra energy and the general sense of wellbeing that comes with your new body and perfect weight.

Having the energy to get up and go places will make you a new person.

8. Enjoy Activities and Life in General

Enjoy living, being, and moving again

Now that you’re enjoying a heightened sense of wellbeing, self esteem, new clothes that fit so well and look so good on you, and just feeling good all over—you will find yourself outside more often.  

Everything you do will be more enjoyable without having to lug around those extra pounds.

Knowing exactly what motivates you to diet gives you the push you need.  Once you’ve thought it out, write reminders on post its and stick them in prominent places you can’t miss, especially in the kitchen area.

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Using a Vision Board for Motivation to Help Me Lose Weight

Create a vision board and work on it for a few minutes daily.  

To make your own vision board for dieting—start with a piece of poster board.  You might start by pasting pictures of yourself when you were at your perfect weight or cutouts from magazines depicting how you expect to look.

Write on your vision board, post pictures of yourself when you were thinner, post pictures of people you admire from magazines.  Think of how you’ll reward yourself when you’ve reached your goals and post pictures of the reward you’re looking forward to.

It’s yours, do anything to it you think will help you achieve your goals.

Use anything you can find that reminds you of what motivated you to start a diet to begin with.

Get creative and post self affirmations all over the place.  In your car, in your bathroom, closet, desk!

All of this will remind your subconscious over and over what your motivation for dieting is, and keep your desire to look and feel better at the top of your priorities.


We are all drowning in a sea of food advertisements. Watching TV makes me drool for the ridiculously enticing food commercials. And now that the regular TV shows and movies are including fat and obese actors we begin to take overeating and unhealthy eating as normal.

However, weighing too much is not normal and has plenty of serious drawbacks that include:

  • A host of health issues
  • Knee and hip surgeries soaring out of the roof
  • Low self esteem
  • Emotional problems
  • Social problems

But another reason we live in an obese society is that losing weight is hard.

It takes a lot of determination and motivation to change eating habits and lose weight. Finding the motivation to help me lose weight was key to my success in slimming down and maintaining a healthy weight.

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