3 Real Weight Loss Tips That Work

I know it’s almost impossible to stay away from the quick fix options for losing weight! But you know you didn’t become overweight – overnight. Here’s 3 real weight loss tips that work.

As hard as it is for all of us to swallow, weight loss happens by actually eating less calories than you consume every day.

All research shows that people who start out with the basics are the ones who have long lasting success with their diets. These 3 basic tips are the backbone of dieting for keeps.

3 Real Weight Loss Tips You Can’t Do Without

There are plenty of people offering a wide range of dieting tips, including myself. But, the fact is that losing weight is hard, and if you don’t start with the basics it’s even harder.

The rest of the post isn’t about proper eating, exercise, or even about how you should start with a doctor, but the basic requirements to lose weight.

1. Stop Dealing With Yo-Yo Diets and Fad Diets

Fad diets are always intense and focus on tricking you into believing there’s a magic cure for losing the excess pounds. They set you up with an intense method of cutting calories for short periods of time.

You can spot the advertisements a mile away by looking for the super-models and movie stars promoting them on the labels. They are all short-term diets with fast results. They are intriguing and hard to pass because we all want to look our best and we want it fast.

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The problem is always the same. If you do lose any weight, you haven’t changed the way you think about eating, burning calories with resistance training, or exercise. Those are the 3 components of staying at a healthy weight, and nothing else.

Even as you are losing the weight, the cravings are intensifying. So, the moment you stop, you are right back to your old eating habits, which by definition, must have included the lack of healthy foods. It’s easier to follow these weight loss tips that work.

After a few months you, and your friends, can’t help but notice the weight has come back with a vengeance! You have little choice but to fall for the next fad diet. The dieting and gaining followed by more dieting, is called yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting is terrible for your overall health, and becomes a habit very close to an addiction.

These constant weight fluctuations are affecting your body, mind, and metabolism. Yo-yo dieting actually makes you more susceptible to a host of cardiovascular problems and teaches your body to hold on fast to fat. The more you diet, the more difficult it becomes to lose any weight, until you finally give up and accept that you were meant to be obese.

2. Stay Off The Scales

We decide to do something about our weight and change our body shape. We start our new exercise program and suffer through the food cravings. Is it working? How do you know if it’s working? You hop on the scales to see the results.

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The problem with the scales is that it’s easy to become obsessed with using them as a gauge for success. The reality is that real weight loss takes time, and when you weigh every day – with little or no daily results – the scales will make you give up.

I have a suspicion that obsessing comes easy to all overweight people? If we didn’t have that tendency, we probably wouldn’t be eating too much of the food that put on the pounds?

Why not obsess on how your clothes are fitting instead or how you are feeling? If you are strong enough to stay on a successful diet, you are strong enough to make weighing a once a week happening.

Even then, it’s vital that you weigh at the same time every week and take into consideration things like fluid retention, menstrual cycles, and even the clothes you are wearing. Another thing to remember is always weigh in on the same scales. Don’t use the gym scales one week and your home scales another week.

3. Drinking Water Is A Must

You’ve already heard it, but the importance of drinking water hasn’t quite sunk in yet. The truth is that you can’t get around drinking water on any weight loss program is vital to success.

Because your body is about 60% water anytime you’re not dehydrated, it’s easy to realize the importance of keeping it that way.

It’s even more important when you’re dieting. Flushing excess toxins and waste is vital as your body is undergoing pressing changes. And surely you’re exercising? Even if you’re not perspiring enough to moisten your clothes, it’s happening and it’s vital to replace the water you’re losing while exercising.

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A glass of water prior to every meal gets your stomach full before you even start. That will help satisfy your hunger fast and make you feel full.

Sometimes we learn to hate drinking water because it taste nasty from the kitchen faucet. If that’s holding you back, either buy bottled water, or spice it up with lemon or lime. Sometimes people even add fruit juices to change the taste. You must be careful that you aren’t replacing your water with sugary fruit juices and drinks of any sort, including sports drinks.

These three real weight loss strategies can certainly help your mind and body achieve your desired weight without any negative health issues.


No doubt, there’s not much new in this article, but these simple points are real weight loss tips that work.

There’s about a gillion different tips online and most are all great and valid suggestions. But if you’re serious, the information in this post along with some real eating and lifestyle changes will get your body cooperating with your goals to look and feel better.

Start with realistic goals, use these real weight loss tips, and stay committed through thick and thin.

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