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Why Are Skinny People Skinny?

How do those skinny people seem to eat whatever they want without trying?

You can’t get around it? Many thin and fit people at least in part have good metabolism going for them. However, the truth must be told.

They also happen to embody a different mindset than many others, for whom it seems more difficult to keep the weight off.

We’re not talking about someone who is thin because they skip meals or abuse their body. We’re also not referring to people who have thyroid and metabolic issues, which can also make it difficult for some people to maintain a healthy weight.

Here, we refer to people who manage to keep extra pounds and fat off their frame while living in balance and embracing good health.

Young Women Practicing Weight Loss, Dieting, And Exercise

What’s different about the mindset of a thin person who is also healthy and fit?

Mostly, it’s that they’ve trained themselves on the following:

  • They know what is an appropriate portion size for their own body/hunger level.
  • They know what it feels like to be “full” but not overly full.
  • They’re active. They burn off what they eat and they tone their bodies by using their muscles regularly.
  • They live a life of moderation.
  • They don’t let other people dissuade them from their healthy eating goals.
  • They take a simple approach to healthy eating and exercise.
  • They limit sugar intake.

I’m guessing that most people who maintain a healthy weight without a constant struggle learned to eat and live like they do at an early age.

I’m knowing that most overweight people who want to change eating habits, find it a battle, albeit, a battle that can be won!

And the results and benefits are well worth the fight!

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