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Too Busy to Exercise? 8 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Life!

Are you too busy to exercise? Frustrated because there just doesn’t seem to be time to exercise? You can’t get around the fact that juggling work, parenting, and obligations can be a strain on regular exercise. If you can’t find time for exercise for your weight loss goals, this article will inspire you. Read on for how to stay fit and exercise with a busy life.

These 8 tips may sound too simple for your busy life, but trust me, start implementing them for real results when it comes to working exercise into a busy schedule.

8 proven ways to stay fit and trim when you’re Too Busy to Exercise

1. Get serious about workout attire

Looking Good When You Exercise
Too Busy to Exercise? 8 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Life! 1

Stock up on a few key pieces of exercise attire that you fee real comfortable wearing. If you’re comfortable with snug fitting workout wear, this will help you focus on body shaping and keeping correct form while you’re exercising at the gym or in your home gym. If tee shirts with coverage and workout pants is more your speed, have a few options like this available so you can slip on your workout clothing and go as needed.

2. Think ahead.

Let’s say that you’ve got 15 minutes between dropping off your kids at school or daycare, and then your plan is to run to the grocery store? It’s easy enough to fit in 20 or 30 minutes of jogging in the park if you plan smart and don your workout clothing before you go.

3. Keep up with laundry.

Ever feel frustrated that you’re ready to exercise but you can’t find suitable workout clothing? At the end of each day, assess your clean clothes situation and make sure you have a few workout basics handy so you can grab and go in a hurry.

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4. Exercise for overcoming too tired.

Tired? Choose exercise. Sometimes when we feel lethargic it doesn’t always mean we should take a nap. Lethargy can be caused by eating too much, or the body having to work harder to digest the food we did eat. One way to head off fatigue is to get moving. You don’t have to run five miles. A simple, brisk walk or some yoga can get you through that sluggish part of the day so you can move on to productivity and continue to burn calories at a healthy rate.

5. Think of nature as an opportunity to get outside and move.

Don’t forget that house cleaning burns calories and gives you a workout bang for your buck. Lugging a vacuum up and down the steps and passing it over the rug, scrubbing the bathroom and the floors, cleaning the baseboards and wiping down the kitchen cabinets all involve bending, stretching and use of your muscles. This counts as a workout, so don’t knock it! Next time you’re feeling lazy, take a look around at what may be need to be cleaned around the house, and get a quick workout in while tidying up.

6. Do it for your kids.

Most moms and dads know that it’s important to get kids moving their bodies each and every day. But what are we doing while our kids run around? Fiddling with our phones? Sitting, snacking, and generally not moving? If it’s time to get your kids a quick workout in, why not join the fun? You can take a walk around the path at the park with them, then use play time on the swings and monkey bars as their reward for getting healthy exercise in. A family bike ride, a hike in the woods, a group walk or jog with the dog… all of these make a great way to get yourself some exercise in while doing the right thing for your kids.

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7. Make exercise appointments.

Make an exercise appointment and plan to show up for yourself. One big challenge when it comes to weight loss is that the majority of people procrastinate exercise. Self care becomes the very last priority on our list and for many people it just never gets done. What it really takes to get over this hurdle is a mindset shift. Instead of feeling guilty for exercising when you have other things that need your attention, put exercise as just another item that needs to get done everyday.

8. Slip exercise in during your ordinary day.

People don’t realize that it really makes a difference. If you are that person always looking for the closest parking spot, reframe your mindset around this. What’s the big deal if you have to walk a little bit before you get to the store or office building entrance? As much as you might be looking to save yourself the trip on foot, spin it the other way and you’ve gotten your extra steps in without trying.

Still not buying the idea? One thing that might help change your habit is thinking of yourself as being able-bodied and up for the challenge. Offer up that close parking spot to someone who has a serious physical limitation and may need it. And be grateful that you’re physically still capable of talking that walk.

When you realize how important exercise is to staying fit, losing weight, and living a full and rewarding life, you will see that you’re really not too busy to exercise after all.

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