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Why Are Skinny People Skinny?

How do those skinny people seem to eat whatever they want without trying? Why Are Skinny People Skinny? If you’re searching for weight loss tips that work in the real world? You’ve come to the right place! Many thin and fit people at least in part have good metabolism going for them. But, do skinny people know some sneaky weight loss, dieting and exercise tips that we don’t?

Why Are Skinny People Skinny
Why Are Skinny People Skinny? 1

No! For the most part they actually embody a different mindset than overweight people who have a hard time keeping the weight off.

Why Are Skinny People Skinny?

We’re not talking about someone who is thin because the skip meals or abuse their body. We’re also not referring to people who have thyroid and metabolic issues, which can also make it difficult for some people to maintain a healthy weight.

Here, we refer to people who manage to keep extra pounds and fat off their frame while living in balance and embracing good health.

What’s different about the mindset of a thin person who is also healthy and fit?

Mostly, it’s that they’ve trained themselves on the following:

  • They know what is an appropriate portion size for their own body/hunger level.
  • They know what it feels like to be “full” but not overly full.
  • They’re active. They burn off what they eat and they tone their bodies by using their muscles regularly.
  • They live a life of moderation.
  • They don’t let other people dissuade them from their healthy eating goals.
  • They take a simple approach to healthy eating and exercise.
  • They limit sugar intake.

A Closer Look at Skinny People Habits

If yours is a never ending battle to keep the weight off and stay fit, it’s worth taking a look at these Weight Loss Breakthroughs.

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How to Enjoy Delicious Desserts Yet Still be Skinny

Are you frustrated that your weight loss goals can so easily be sabotaged by your love of desserts?

Here you are, asking yourself if there will ever come a day when you can enjoy something fatteningly sweet and delicious, yet be guilt free about it.

When you see a slim, trim and fit person digging into a decadent dessert, take note. It’s likely that a few things happened in order for him or her to guiltlessly partake of that special slice of cake, brownie sundae with the works, or whatever it was that had you salivating.

You may find out that making a conscious effort to think about the following constantly helps you avoid the pit falls that cause weight gain and make it so hard to lose weight.

1. Exercise trade-off

First, it’s very likely that the weight-watching person may have opted to head things off with some serious exercise. In preparation for the moment’s indulgence, he or she likely spent at least an hour or more working out, so that he or she could partake of the sweet treat without feeling like it was a terrible offense that would blow the diet and undo all the hard work that went into being slim and toned.

2. Rewarding the hard weight loss work

It is also even possible that said slim and trim individual opted to stick to a solid diet and exercise plan for at least a week or more leading up to the indulgent dessert. What you’re seeing may look like carefree sugar consumption. But really, what you’re witnessing is a person in pure ecstasy, having earned every bite of that ooey, gooey dessert payoff.

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3. Cashed-in calorie points

Another very good possibility is that the thin person sacrificed some other amount of calories or nutrition from earlier in the day. Perhaps dinner consisted of a simple, modest portion of protein served over a fresh salad… or along with a lightly cooked green veggie, sans white potato, pasta or other carb-laden side.

4. Long term sacrifice

That dessert eater that you’re likely feeling envious right now has very likely made a sacrifice in some other area of life which facilitates weight loss. He or she may be very committed to a strict exercise routine. They may actively avoid junk foods and processed foods, focusing only on whole foods as the main staple of their diet.

5. Limiting portions

When a thin and fit person does choose dessert, it’s likely that they keep portions under control. If they’re feeling like ice cream, it’s a small, quarter-cup scoop, not a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in front of the TV.

One thing that people who stay slim while not always skipping dessert do is choose selectively. For these healthy people, maintaining a healthy weight means passing on 90% of sugary temptations but permitting themselves that one, occasional sweet reward.

6. Moderate lifestyle

And finally, said person may even go so far as to abstain, or seriously limit alcohol intake, in order to maintain their trim physique and have a couple of cookies every now and again.


So many people find that locating and implementing an effective diet that really works is akin to nuclear physics.

To tell you the truth, it usually is that complicated! Why? Because there are so many choices when it comes to picking a diet that it’s confusing, to say the least.

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Should I go for high fat or low fat diets? Do I really believe what I read about low or no carb diets? Which one can I stick to? What about Low protein vs high protein diets?

And if that’s not enough, what about the millions of variations of each? Of course, the choices must be bewildering to the point that we throw up our hands and reach for the ice cream.

Here’s what I consider to be the truth of the matter:

  • If you watch TV or read magazines, know that companies are quite literally spending billions to addict you to foods that put on pounds.
  • The ads pre-dispose us to eat unhealthy and far too much of everything.
  • Major supermarket chains are doing the same thing, only different. They spend billions learning how to display processed foods and believe it not, play music that entices you to purchase more.

What’s the answer to a healthy weight?

  • Read and reread this post.
  • Spend time actually thinking about what you eat, how much you eat, and how many calories you’re burning compared to how many you consume each day.
  • Choose a diet you can stick to to get the pounds off, and actually changes your lifestyle.
  • Make yourself willing to replace bad habits with better habits.
  • Remember, if you can lose 1-2 pounds a week, you are doing something right for the long term.

Most of all, don’t panic about having to eat this way forever! Getting too a healthy weight, and staying their doesn’t mean dieting for the rest of your life. It means taking advantage of the ways slim people stay slim.

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