Lose Weight Naturally – 10 Weight Loss Tips That Work

You want to lose weight naturally, without fad diets, potions, pills, and remedies? Those are all magic wands and eventually we all conclude that the weight didn’t get there with magic, and it won’t leave that way.

The following 10 weight loss tips will set your body up for the best health and fitness with real lifestyle changes. These tips are more for permanent weight loss rather than extreme weight loss methods that don’t last. So, check out these 10 ways to lose weight naturally and make use of them. They will make your dieting efforts and goals come true.

10 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally At Home

1. Want It!

It doesn’t take many failed diets to start asking, “Can I lose weight?” To make losing weight a reality that you can be proud of, your first step is to want it to happen.

You must want it to happen bad enough to commit to it and go after it.

We all know how it is to wish our clothes fit better, we looked slimmer, felt better, and weighed less. But, what you’re after takes more than a casual whim.

It takes pushing everything else out of your mind for a few minutes and thinking about what you want to happen. Personally, I suggest pushing all thoughts of how to lose weight naturally without exercise out of your mind.

And the best way to make a real and lasting commitment to something that will definitely take effort, is with goals.

2. Set Goals

Your goal sets up your subconscious mind to help you over the hump when your cravings are winning the day.

Goals are vital to your success and don’t have to be only about how many pounds you lose. But they have to be written on a piece of paper that you can go back to several times a week, or even a day, if needed.

You can write goals for total pounds lost, and weekly loss. You can also set goals for body measurements, percentage of body fat lost, or clothing sizes.

The most important thing could be the hardest, though? That is—they must be attainable and measurable.

A realistic weight goal is 1-2 pounds lost a week.

You want it to fly away much faster, and it’s hard to think about so little results when you have a lot to lose. However, 1-2 pounds is not only healthy and sustainable, it will keep you motivated.

— How to Set Weight Loss Goals?

Setting goals requires first giving a little thought to the matter. I’ve found it best to buy a note book or journal to start with.

Next, write the desired weight at the top of the first page. Now if you can, write a paragraph about why you would like to weight that much.

Now write how much you weight this very day. Write a paragraph about why you don’t like your present weight.

Next, is to break down your goal into smaller goals that provide a schedule for achieving your long-term ambitions.

Some people find the best way is to keep meticulous records of the food they eat, water they drink, and how much exercise they get each day. (There are plenty of great apps online to download to your phone for this).

Here’s the real thing to be meticulous about: Re-reading your goal statements that you start with each day. If you can make yourself do this, half the battle is won because it helps you remember what you set out to do.

3. Eat At The Table

One terrible habit we have these days is not eating at the table.

We find ourselves standing at the counter and including eating as part of multi-tasking, or sitting and watching TV while we eat.

All research indicates that people eat more, faster while watching TV. When we’re through we don’t even remember what we ate?

Moving yourself and/or your family back to the kitchen table to eat should be considered a priority. Eating at the table is one of the most important ways to lose weight naturally.

Eating at the table means paying attention to what you eating, how much, how fast, and how it taste. You will slow down and give your brain time to get the message from your stomach that it’s full, removing the temptation to overeat.

4. Remove Temptations

At best, dieting and losing weight is hard. Make your weight loss efforts easier when you simply remove all the temptations. Clean out your cabinets, freezer, car, and office. Why make standing down temptations any harder than necessary?

Replace all the candy, cookies, and junk foods that got you overweight with healthy alternatives.

Try sugar free gelatins and puddings when your habits and cravings are tempting you beyond control. Some people find that an occasional bowl of air popped pop corn is a great treat for for reaching goals.

If you can go 2 weeks without any unhealthy snack and junk food, you are well on your way to developing new habits and victory.

Try keeping cold and raw crunchy vegetables close at hand. I like the small carrots and cut up celery myself? You will find crunchy vegetables are more apt to satisfy in between meal cravings and are low in calories.

5. Find Support

Losing weight simply isn’t for everyone. That’s why there are so many fat people. It’s hard. But if you can find someone to partner with the challenge is a lot easier.

Check around for support groups in your area or forums online. You might even find a group on Facebook.

If you’d rather not, or can’t get in contact with a group, ask around. You might locate a friend or relative to join you in your weight loss efforts. Support can come from family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors. What you really need is someone you can trust and offer support in your weight loss efforts.

Finding someone else in the same boat as yourself and willing to diet with you can be a real gold mine. You see that your struggles are the same as everyone else’s and learn from the support you offer.

6. Stop Bad Eating Habits

Habits are hard to break, but sometimes it just has to happen. Leaving some food on a plate is a great place to start. Many of us learned as children to eat everything on our plate, or else? If that was you, it’s ok, you can stop now.

The real goal is to learn how to hear your body. Focusing on your food, the taste, and listening for cues that it’s time to stop is the new habit to learn. As, a matter of fact, when it comes to how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently, changing your eating habits is a must.

Some people find that eating 6 tiny meals instead of 3 is helpful to break the habit of stuffing yourself at meals. Why this works is because it helps to stop extreme blood sugar level spikes and crashes, which directly relate to weight gain.

Do that by having a very small breakfast, again mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and an evening snack. The challenge here is to make these very small and nutritious meals — not candy bars and junk food snacks.

Another way to cut your overall volume of food is to order from the child’s menu, or order one serving from the menu and split it with your meal partner.

7. Add Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and that goes for food. If you aren’t careful, dieting can become the same boring meals time after time.

The boredom of the same food can easily cause you to go back to old eating habits. To avoid this dilemma, add something different to the menu every day.

It won’t be long before you are looking forward to different fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and fats. Variety and eating 6 very small meals a day will keep you motivated, interested, and energized.

You may even find that losing weight naturally is so fun, you can make a lifestyle change of eating healthy.

Be sure you are including plenty of protein to help you lose weight, including lean meat, eggs, beans, and oily ocean fish.

Fruit is good, but you must be careful about limiting the amount because of the sugars which adds calories. Breads, pasta, and cereals all need to be whole grain which means not white.

Whole grains are high in fiber which will speed up metabolism and help burn calories. Even though it’s almost impossible to eliminate processed foods, the less packaged foods you can eat the better. Always try to opt for fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.

8. Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

There’s no doubt that sugar and flour are the two culprits when it comes to gaining weight. However, most of the population is addicted to sugar and addictions are hard to overcome. And just because you overcome the addiction doesn’t mean you got rid of your sweet tooth.

Sometimes the cravings will be strong, sometimes you just want something sweet. I’ve found the best way to approach the problem during a diet is to make a conscious decision to have a small amount of whatever you are craving.

The key is re-learning the ability to eat small amounts of something sweet and avoid binging on it, especially after you’ve been feeling like you were being deprived. Instead of continuing the habit of eating sweets daily, try learning to have it as a prize for reaching a goal-weight or otherwise.

9. Watch What You Drink

Pure and natural water is the choice of champions. Nothing has changed about how much you should drink. It’s still 8-8oz glasses a day. (Personally, I prefer 16oz bottles, but then…) Unsweetened green tea is another great option and can help with your weight loss.

It’s easy to think you’re doing yourself a favor by drinking diet sodas because of the calories, but you’re better off poisoning yourself outright. And definitely stay away from regular sodas and sports drinks, because both have enough calories for an elephant.

Want to know how to lose weight naturally at home remedy? Well, giving up all soft drinks, sweet tea (where I come from) along with energy and sports drink is the first step to natural weight loss.

Fruit drinks are another trap because of the sugars and calories included. Again, the best options are water and green tea, and don’t forget coffee. Beware of the alcohol you drink as well. Most of these drinks are high in sugar and alcohol itself turns into stored fat.

10. Get Active

Trying to lose weight without regular exercise is way too hard for me. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. That is an equation that can not fail you. The more calories you burn exercising, the more you can eat and still lose weight naturally. So, why would you not want to get active?

Just be careful you don’t go straight from couch potato to an exercise freak. That will leave you with a sore body and a good excuse to eat too much. Just start out easy, learn to love the new-found energy and focus from exercise, and work into a good exercise routine.

Walking 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes is a great way to get started. No special equipment needed; just a decent pair of walking or running shoes. Start out at a comfortable pace and with regular walking to lose weight, you will naturally get faster and go farther. Walking burns calories, strengthens your cardiovascular system, builds muscle and makes healthy lungs.

How Can I Lose Weight Naturally?

Weight loss is never easy because we have a lot of bad habits that got us overweight to overcome.

A lot of people are asking how to lose weight naturally in 2 weeks, and that’s not really possible. The only way to lose weight in 7 days or 2 weeks is to stop eating, and that’s not natural.

You’ll need will power and patience to get started. As you see the weight leaving and clothes fitting, it will become easier and even exciting to see the results.

Journaling and someone to support and encourage you is the best help you can get. To tell you the truth, the tips in this post will help you lose weight naturally and produce more results than anything else. So, stick to them, and the positive results will motivate you to lose and maintain a healthy weight permanently.