Are You Craving Food But Not Hungry? Here’s How to Stop Food Cravings

Are you craving food but not hungry? Many of us have been there, or lived there, folks. We crave certain foods even though we’re not actually hungry for them. This can often lead to overeating and weight gain. However, it is possible to control our cravings by changing the way we think about them.

We all have foods that tempt us more than others. I’m guessing you do too, and that they are unhealthy and fattening. In fact, I would guess they’re things like chips, a piece of pizza, or something with sugar and flour. Most of us can’t even read this without either an image or taste of that favorite snack that usually turns into an extra meal.

If that’s you, read on. We’re going to talk about how to change what you crave by changing what you think.


Doing a deep dive into the many theories about causes us to have almost uncontrolable cravings doesn’t turn up much real scientific evidence. There are theories about our bodies lacking specific nuturients, but that theory doesn’t come into play when the cravings are junk food cravings.

When it comes to cravings that cause us to gain unwanted weight, cravings are often linked to our emotions. We may turn to comfort foods when we’re feeling stressed or sad, for instance.

However, I think you’ll agree that most unhealthy food cravings are simply a matter of habit or conditioning. If we eat ice cream every night after dinner, we may start to crave it even when we’re not actually hungry.

Whatever the cause, food cravings can be tough to resist. But by understanding why we crave certain foods, we may be able to better control our eating habits.


Most anyone with weight problems that seem hard to overcome has a problem with cravings. In fact, “I want to lose weight but I can’t stop eating junk food” seems to be the national chant these days.

But, here’s something worth thinking about: What if those cravings aren’t problems at all?

The truth is that we don’t have to be controlled by our cravings. They’re really overrated, and we give them too much credit. What if we could change our feelings about being tempted by ice cream and cookies? What if we could change those temptations to some foods like oranges, apples, watermelon, or pineapple? I know that sounds too far out there to work, but, it isn’t.


The first thing you’ll need to do, though, is get clear about all your eating habits. You have to give some time to thinking about exactly what you eat and how you eat it.

The primary problem with almost all common weight problems comes down to 3 things: you overeat, you eat foods that are unhealthy, you snack, or you eat unhealthy foods between meals. 

In fact, most obese people either hate fruits and vegetables or they just bother with them—they stay gorged with foods that are meant to be eaten every now and then, like sweets and highly processed foods.

For most people these days, losing weight is seriously difficult. If you’re serious about changing your mind about what you crave, it’s time to take a hard look at your eating habits. Most of us can’t really do that without some quiet time and something to write on. But, once you’ve done that, it’s time to get in your recliner and close your eyes. 


Now start imagaging your favorite vegetables and fruits. Try to see them in your mind’s eye and imagine yourself taking a bite of a juicy, ripe fruit. Imagine how it tastes and feels in your mouth. As simple, or simple-minded, as this may seem to you, by practicing this every time you get a private moment to relax, your mind will start thinking about what you practiced when a craving comes up.

Because your subconscious mind stores all of your habits.By starting to imagine yourself snacking on and eating healthy foods, you start to replace the cravings for unhealthy foods with healthy foods. It’s your thoughts that you don’t even know that your subconscious mind is thinking about that are setting up the cravings.

Let’s look at the reasoning behind this from a different perspective. What if pineapple is indeed your favorite thing to eat? Let’s say if you were eating a piece of pineapple right now, you would really enjoy it. And, there’s a good chance you would want another bite, right? But, what if I pulled a piece of chocolate cake with wipped cream from behind myself now, and asked you to choose.

There’s a good chance, that because you haven’t got the taste of the pineapple out of your mouth yet, you will opt for another piece of pineapple. If that’s the case, it means that you actually enjoy your favorite fruit as much or more than your favorite junk food. The problem is that your subconcious mind and habits are tricking you.

Cravings are overrated! Follow these steps to change them.

That’s why I say, cravings are over-rated. Whenever the word “craving” comes up, we seem to immediately think of something unhealthy, full of useless calories and high in fat. Those are the foods we see constantly in TV commercials and other types of media ads. Those ads cost millions and billions of dollars with the express outcome of having us crave those fattening and unhealthy foods.

Change the images in your mind, and you can change your cravings. The following is a mental exercise that takes five minutes. Practice it regularly, and the foods you crave will change to healthy alternatives.

Step 1: Find a quiet, comfortable place free of distractions.Begin by taking deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Slowly count backwards from ten to one. Imagine your consciousness going deeper and deeper with each count.

Step 2: After you’ve finished counting, envision yourself relaxing in your favorite spot by yourself. An isolated beach or a secluded log in the woods will suffice. Consider how you’d feel if you were completely relaxed and tranquil.

Step 3: Immediately notice a basket full of your favorite freshly selected fruit sitting beside you.Imagine the color, the texture, and everything about that fruit in your thoughts. Imagine biting into that delicious apple and savoring it like you’ve never done before.

Step 4: Tell yourself ten times that “from now on, whenever I think about eating, I immediately experience a longing for fruit.”

Step 5: Count slowly from 1 to 5, then open your eyes when you get to 5.


When we view cravings as a sign that our body needs something, we can start to see them as a positive thing. Then, we can use our mind to change what we crave. For example, if we crave sugary foods, we can begin to crave healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

By doing this, we can lose weight and improve our overall health. So the next time you are craving food but not hungry, don’t automatically reach for the nearest bag of chips. Instead, take a moment to think about what your body really needs. You may be surprised at how easy it is to control your cravings.

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