How Can I Lose Weight Quickly Without Exercise?

There’s a lot of reasons to avoid exercise while losing weight. Even though it is usually preferred, you can lose weight quickly without exercise when you know how.

In fact, losing weight doesn’t actually hinge on exercise at all. It’s learning how to get your self into a caloric deficit that makes losing weight possible.

A caloric deficit means that you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

The primary reason people recommend exercise to lose weight is for burning calories and toning your body. So, when you think about it, if exercise can get you to a calorie deficit, it must not be all bad.

Never the less, I’ve listed 8 proven methods to get into a calorie burning mode, and make losing weight quickly without exercise easy.

Whether you have been struggling to lose weight or are getting ready for a special occasion, these tips and guidelines will help you lose weight fast.

How Can I Lose Weight Quickly Without Exercise?

1. Prepare your own meals to lose weight quick

Preparing your own meals from home is the first step to losing weight quick that works.

When most of your meals are homemade, you know what’s in them, and is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly.

On the other hand, when you eat out, or bring fast food, or highly processed food, you tend to eat far more than if you prepared your own meals.

So, preparing your own meals puts you in total control on the portions and ingredients you eat.

However you go about preparing your own meals, making healthy food choices will help end cravings.

As most of us know, if it weren’t for unhealthy food cravings, losing weight quickly without exercise would be a cinch.

2. Understand portion sizes to lose weight quick

It is very easy to pile up calories without portion control, even on a healthy eating plan.

Getting a grip on how much food you are consuming each day will make the pounds disappear much faster.

I’ve found that the best way to get your portion sizes under control is to start using a smaller plate.

At first it will seem ridiculous when you see how little food goes on a saucer. However, there’s two important things to note about portions:

  • Most all nutritionist recommend a meal size be approximately what you can cover with your own outstretched hand.
  • Smaller, or the correct size, proportions means less calories to burn without exercise.

Understanding meal portions is a great way to lose weight quickly without the burden of going to the gym for exercise.

As you learn to eat smaller quantities of food, you will see pretty fast how you usually eat mindlessly.

When you dine out, order children’s portions or split your plate in half so that you have two meals from one big one. (My wife and I often order one meal and two plates?)

Learning food portions will also help you to eat less calories when snacking instead of eating your snacks directly from the container.

3. Learn which foods to eat to lose weight quick

To lose weight quickly, you need to learn which foods to include on your diet and which ones just add calories. This sounds like a piece of cake, but in todays world it’s not so easy.

We have all been duped by advertising to think a lot of unhealthy foods and ways to eat are healthy — when they are just the opposite.

It’s surprising how many people consider foods that keep them fat to be healthy choices. I don’t want to insult you, but that’s from depending on ads instead of common sense eating habits.

It is important to learn which foods to eat to lose weight quickly as weight loss itself requires a change of lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy weight after you lose excess pounds means learning healthy eating habits now, and sticking to them for a lifetime.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never eat junk food or sweets again. It just means you’ll learn healthy ways to eat them.

It’s the same for everyone-boring and tasteless meals are hard to stick with.

If you’re trying to diet with bland meals, you will be less likely to stick to the plan because you will not be motivated to stick with your eating plan.

One way to make your meals interesting, use different spices to add taste and flavor to your meals.

Just because you are on a healthy weight loss diet does not mean you should eat like a bird. Get creative and eat the best healthy foods you enjoy..

4. Include fiber in your diet to lose weight quick

Increasing your fiber intake in your diet helps speed up weight loss and helps with keeping it off.

Dietary fiber aids with digestion, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol levels and basically helps your system to run smoothly.

Women should eat at least 25 grams of fiber on a daily basis to add to weight loss efforts, and men should have at least 38 grams.

Some good sources of healthy fiber include whole grain foods, oatmeal and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer and snacking on fiber from fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to lose weight fast and keep it off permanently.

5. Eat protein to lose weight quick

Eating a healthy balanced diet that includes protein is the best way to lose weight and belly fat quickly. Many dieters make the mistake of isolating certain food groups like protein or carbs from their diet plan.

But, that’s a mistake.

Protein is actually the ultimate fill -me up food and it will keep you feeling fuller and satisfied longer than empty carbs. You need to eat healthy protein on at least two of your daily meals

Healthy protein foods include organic whole eggs, chicken breasts, salmon ,lean meat and sushi, soy and raw nuts.

However, if you are vegetarian some healthy protein sources include asparagus, tofu and beans.

Protein not only keeps you satisfied for longer but  it preserves muscle mass and encourages fat burning.

6. Don’t starve yourself to lose weight quick

This is one of the most common diet flaws that people make when losing weight. It’s easy to think the quickest way to weight loss is to merely stop eating. WRONG!

If you only have a couple of pounds to lose, fasting off of food for a couple of days could do it? But, the results from fasting is at best, a temporary solution to your weight problem. As soon as you start eating again, the pounds come back.

Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, has been found to have numerous health benefits, including weight loss, reduction in visceral fat, improved blood sugar levels, and the prevention or reversal of some forms of disease. (sources: HealthlineMayo ClinicJohns Hopkins Medicine).

Starving yourself to lose weight quick is hard because you need to eat, and you are constantly thinking about food.

When you starve yourself, your body will automatically go into starvation mode meaning it will store the same fat that you are trying to burn.

This happens because your body’s metabolism slows down and starts burning fat at a very slow rate hence storing more fat than burning it.

To lose weight quick, you need to eat at least five small meals every day to keep your metabolism in gear and your energy levels high. And those six small meals need to be healthy meals to provide plenty of nutrition.

7. Eat 5 meals a day to lose weight quick

Eating five or six mini meals a day is one of the top ways to lose weight quick, you will feel fuller for longer and you want have unnecessary hunger pangs or food cravings.

The simple strategy with eating many meals each day is that the more often you eat-the less hungry you will feel. With VERY SMALL food portion sizes, eating five or six meals a day should not be a problem.

This is an easy way to lose weight fast and keep it off permanently. Eating five meals a day means you won’t snack mindlessly all day. And when you do, you should ensure your two or three snacks are healthy foods like boiled eggs or chicken breasts with vegetables, fruits like pears, apples or berries.

8. Keep a food journal to lose weight quick

Keeping a food journal is an easy way to lose weight quick and stay on track with your diet and eating plan. Put in as many entries as you can and be as detailed as possible. You can review your food diary once a week to assess where you are going wrong with your food intake and which foods are distracting you.

An easy way to lose weight quick is by writing down the foods, snacks and drinks you take daily, if you don’t have enough time to write everything down, simply take a photo with your phone and record later.

The Bottom Line

Exercise is definitely a plus when it comes to losing weight! The benefit of exercise when it comes to weight loss is this: Physical activity burns calories, tones muscles, builds muscle tissue which in turn burns more calories.

But when you want to lose weight quickly, exercise may not play such an important role in your efforts.

Losing weight quickly without exercise doesn’t mean effortlessly. Primarily, you want to change how you eat and what you eat quite drastically and quickly.

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