How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Exercise?

I so totally get it! You have a fat stomach that’s uncomfortable and doesn’t look good, but you hate the thought of doing something. The question is how to get a flat stomach without exercise?

Is there any way to get the swelling out, spot reduce belly fat, and get it flat again without bothering with exercise?

Get Your Stomach Flatter Faster

The best way to go about this feat is to simply implement a starvation diet.

If you keep yourself on a starvation diet long enough you will see all the fat stores, along with all muscle mass, leave your body.

With that diet, you will soon find yourself without the energy to get to the kitchen at all. And by continuing on with a nutrition free diet you could even find your self in the hospital, but then, your belly fat will be gone.

But wait. Here’s another option for getting a flat stomach without exercise:

Divide up all your money and assets into two piles:

  • One half for buying up all the programs you see online and on TV that promise a flat stomach with no effort or exercise.
  • Spend the other half for supplements at Walmart that guarantee the same results

By spending all your hard-earned money on the latest diet scams, you could wind up with no money to buy the foods that got your stomach so round.

You aren’t likely to get a flat stomach without exercise

But, you can know you are not alone.

There are untold millions of people all over the country that would like a flatter stomach. What they don’t realize is the difference between a flat stomach and a toned stomach.

The Difference Between a Flat Stomach and a Toned Stomach

The thing is – you can get to a flat belly as we’ve stated, but it won’t look good because it’s not toned.

On the other hand, you can’t get to a toned belly that’s not flat.

Skinny Fat

For this example, let us assume you are 20 pounds overweight. You decide you just can’t stand it anymore, and take to a severely restricted diet. You drastically cut your calories and lose the entire 20 pounds with no exercise at all.

But, a look in the mirror quickly reveals that your stomach isn’t the only thing you lost.

Without any exercise to go along with the calorie deficit, all the muscle tone is gone from your arms and legs. You may even notice skin hanging at the bottom of your stomach now?

You weigh less because your muscle tone actually left out before your stomach fat and muscle weighs more than fat.

This is a real situation and is known around fitness circles as maintaining a condition of “skinny fat”.

This is where you find yourself slimmer, but still maintaining a high percentage of overall body fat.

Don’t sabotage your body for a flat stomach.

The real key to losing weight and your stomach successfully is to lose the fat and maintain or add to overall muscle mass. (And I’m not talking about bulking up or looking like a bodybuilder. We all need muscle mass to look our best, stand erect, and function correctly. )

In the end, you sabotage yourself with any dieting method that reduces muscle.

You not only need muscle to look your best, but it’s the muscle that’s burning calories while you’re not exercising.

Without muscle tone, you will metabolism is low and the minute you start eating normally again, the stomach and excess weight comes right back.

Even though this is the way most people seem to lose weight, it’s the reason for the diet industry.

Trying to lose it without exercise is unproductive, unhealthy, and puts you in an endless cycle of dieting.

How To Get A Flat and Toned Stomach Like a Sane Person

To start with, getting rid of your stomach involves losing excess pounds. The way to lose those pounds is not complicated. In fact, it’s so simple anyone can do it. Losing weight means making your body use the excess fat for energy, and that means to feed it fewer calories than you burn for energy.

How do you make your body burn fat for energy?

Stop believing all the latest diet crazes like cutting carbs, and doing keto, and eating the latest supplements. Instead, simply put yourself in a caloric deficit of 500 -600 calories a day. Get it? Keep up with the calories you are eating and cut them by 5-6 hundred a day.

You probably won’t lose your stomach overnight because this results in a slower fat burn. However, with this “sane” calorie deficit, your body will cooperate with you. You won’t be putting it in a starvation mode that makes it burn up muscle first and bring you to plateaus where weight loss stops.

Stomach fat can be the hardest to lose

A lot of people want to flatten a big stomach because it’s sometimes easier to lose weight all over your body before the stomach goes. Part of the reason for this is limited blood flow to the area, and without exercise, we wind up with no muscle there to burn and replace the fat.

Trying to get it flat with only dieting and no exercise usually sends your body into a state of shock. It starts clinging to the fat stores for dear life because it realizes there is a sudden food shortage. Now, you have a lot of action on your part, and your body fighting to stay alive and against all your actions.

How To Flatten and Tone Your Stomach

So, we wind up here with two essential components of a flat stomach:

  • Reducing calorie intake
  • Exercise to build muscle that tones your stomach as it burns fat

We already know it’s going to take reducing the calories by 500 -700 a day, and now adding exercise to the mix produces the results you seek.

Exercise is the Key to the Stomach of Your Dreams

The ideal method of exercise to get a good looking stomach is to mix cardio and resistance training to a weekly training schedule. When you use any form of resistance training you are sending important signals to your body that it needs to muscle up. Exercise means you are placing demands on your body that it has no choice but to meet.

You don’t even need to have a conversation with your body. As soon as it sees that you are cutting calories and working muscles, it knows instinctively to retain all muscle possible for future use. When it does this, it starts burning off the fat stores in your body. This fat burn may or may not start in your stomach, but has no choice but to get there sooner or later.

As you exercise your entire body, including your stomach, will start to strengthen and tone. As this happens there will be a boost in metabolism and which will provide more energy and motivation. Adding ab training that includes crunches to your exercise routine now starts to change your stomach from fat to muscle and muscle tone.

As Your Stomach Leaves You Become a Fat Burning Machine

With the reduction of fat and added muscle tone, your body starts to burn calories around the clock. The more excess leaves, the faster it leaves because it’s being replaced with more muscle to burn it off. With just a little exercise, you get a flat stomach and become a fat-burning machine.

Now instead of having a flat stomach and no muscle tone, you are slim, toned, and look your absolute best. You see, there is a difference in being slim and looking fit and aesthetically pleasing. When you get a flat stomach with exercise, excess body fat leaves, health increases, and you look great with a toned stomach and body.

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