Does Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss Work?

You better believe it! In fact, intermittent fasting for weight loss does the best job for losing pounds I know about.

Intermittent fasting will seriously speed up your dieting efforts.

I’ll explain why fasting works so well a little farther into the post, but you need to know this is not a diet.

The technique itself is not about changing anything about what you eat or how you eat.

However, you can expect intermittent fasting to make you a more responsible eater naturally.

Making this a regular part of your lifestyle is going to keep you lean and trim much easier than dieting, per se.

And if you’re dieting to flatten your stomach, you will love it. Besides that, you will find that the weight you lose is far more likely to stay off than you are used to seeing.

How Intermittent Fasting Works for Weight Loss

This method of fasting off pounds works on a very simple principle — you commit to eating windows and fasting windows.

There are several different types of fasting intermittently, so the duration, or time, of the 2 different windows varies depending on which one you chose.

However, the fundamentals of each method are the same: you only eat during the predetermined time of the eating window.

When that window closes you don’t consume any food until the eating window opens again.

The Most Popular Style of Intermittent Fasting

Probably the easiest and most popular way to start is with the 8-hour eating window.

It seems most people who have never tried fasting at all find it easy to skip breakfast. What you do is to fast for 16 hours from 8 PM until noon the following day.

During the fasting window, you eat nothing and drink only water, all the water you want.

If you are serious about implementing this into your life, the best results come from consuming most of the day’s calories and carbs at the front part of the eating window.

In fact, you will be blown away if you eat right after a workout or exercise session.

By doing this, you raise your metabolic rate and help your body burn off the accumulated glucose.

The Biggest Benefit is Stable Blood Sugar Levels

What really makes intermittent fasting so powerful is that it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Ordinarily, blood sugar levels are spiking and bottoming all day, and that keeps your body from burning fat.

You will quickly see that weight loss is much better and more efficient when blood sugar remains more stable.

Generally speaking, every time most people eat something throughout the day, their body releases insulin.

This causes the blood sugar levels to go up and your body winds up burning glucose for energy instead of stored fat.

Fasting Makes Your Body A Fat Burning Machine.

This works so well for losing weight because your body has no choice but to burn fat stores for fuel when it’s in a fasted state.

This is the most potent method to burn fat and accelerate fat loss.

However, to see the real results you must ensure that you continue with a caloric deficit during eating windows and regular exercise.

Consuming 500 – 600 fewer calories than normal daily is going to put a torch to excess fat faster than you dreamed.

Intermittent fasting is proven to speed up your weight loss efforts dramatically, and thousands upon thousands are taking advantage of it this minute.

Fasting Will Make You A More Responsible Eater

For the best possible results, implement this 2 or 3 times a week.

The most important part is not to cheat during your fasting windows. And don’t be surprised if your appetite gets the best of you during your eating windows the first couple of times.

However, if you stick to your guns and fast a minimum of 1 time a week, you will soon realize your cravings are disappearing and you are much more conscious when you are eating.

In reality, most of us dealing with compulsive eating and overweight issues seem to lose touch with reality when we eat.

Staying with intermittent fasting for a couple of months will allow you to see changes in your eating habits that you haven’t dreamed possible.

In fact, if you continue on for a month or two you may well get into going without food for 24 hours at the time 3 – 3 times a week.

Starting Out Sow

If you just don’t know if you can handle missing a meal, start out with a 10 or 12-hour eating window, and start gradually reducing it.

You will see your appetite decreasing over time without feeling like you are torturing yourself.

After a few fasting periods, you will stop seeing this as torture, and seeing how you are doing your body a favor to let it rest from eating.

Just ease into fasting gradually. It won’t be long before you get a feel for it and your body adapts to a much-needed rest.

Most people have to suffer through it for a time or two, simply because they’ve spent a lifetime thinking they had to eat or die? Those same people find that after a couple of weeks they aren’t even hungry during the fasting windows.

Intermittent Fasting Is Not A License To Eat Junk Food

If you are serious about losing weight, you already know that striving to eat clean while eliminating most poor food choices is paramount.

So, don’t let your tongue trick you into thinking you can eat whatever you want during your eating windows.

Once again, almost everyone finds they naturally make much healthier food choices with the discipline that comes from regular fasting.


You’ll soon see for yourself that this irregular fasting method actually reconnects you to how hunger feels and that it’s not bad.

Most of us these days eat without ever thinking about it and use food for self-inflicted therapy. Instead of thinking of food as the fuel we need to sustain life and energy we wind up overweight and in an obesity crisis nationwide.

Intermittent fasting is the best way I’ve found to change the way I think of food and eating. This change in the way I think of eating makes it easy to lose weight and keep it off as I eat to live instead of living to eat. Give it a try — I’m sure you will find the same results.

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