The Best Weight Loss Tips for Men

Look, men, weight loss is tough! And losing it is just the tip of the iceberg because keeping it off is even harder.  And guess what? The older you get the more difficult the process.

So, there’s no better time than now to get your body in shape. These weight loss tips for men may look too simple, but trust me, they will change your weight and life.

1. Commitment to Exercise

Here are 3 reasons to pursue a regular exercise program relentlessly:

  • If you lose a lot of weight without exercise, your next problem will be loose skin. It doesn’t take a lot of time, especially if you’re working out at home, to get your body in shape and looking good.
  • Working out even for 15 minutes a day will increase your metabolism to help you burn calories. With the right workouts, your metabolism will stay up for hours, tipping the scales in your favor.
  • Regular exercise is going to keep your diet front and center in your mind. Your workouts will keep you motivated to watch your diet and make you feel good about staying with the plan.

2. Make a Plan

We live more and more in an obese society simply because it’s hard to lose weight. In fact, without plans and goals in place, it can be almost impossible.

We all have thoughts about looking better, fitting into our clothes again, and having the energy we once had. But those thoughts seem to evaporate like smoke when we have a craving or see something that turns on our taste buds.

Following these tips will help you avoid that by having an actual plan for your weight loss goals. Even if we men don’t like to admit it, every time we try to get in a pair of jeans that no longer fit, we feel a little like a failure.

Because dieting on a whim is rarely successful, a realistic plan is a route to success.

Take the time to think through what you want to accomplish, and handwrite your end weight goal. Now divide it up into daily goals, weekly goals, and individual goals for each meal.

For real success, keep meticulous track of your progress in a weight loss journal or an app. Instead of focusing on the scales, focus on keeping an exercise schedule and the results of your eating goals.

3. Track Your Progress

Journals are key to sticking to a diet and losing weight.

I know that men, in general, have a problem with actually hand writing a journal, but this is not your sister’s diary. A journal is merely keeping a running record of your performance compared to your goals and a place to scribble in any helpful tips you may read or hear about.

If you’re just dead set against actually writing something in a journal, here’s a list of weight loss apps that actually work.

Keeping up with your weight loss goals, exercise goals, and eating habits in a journal keeps you in tune with your efforts.

There’s several reasons keeping up with everything related to your dieting efforts work better with a journal:

  • Like regular exercise, a journal gets you out of fantasyland helping you to remember that you are on a diet.
  • On the days you fail miserably, and there will be those days, you can look back over the entries for encouragement.
  • You can see exact results and failures to know precisely how to tune your efforts.

4. Eat Healthy

Here’s the truth about common sense eating: We were meant to eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

We gain weight, ruin our health, and get lazy when we eat processed foods (foods that come in packages and cans).

Make all your plans around learning to eat healthy foods, and you’ll make weight loss easy.

I can promise you that when eliminate sugar, unhealthy snacks, and flour from your diet two things are going to happen:

  1. In the first 2-3 weeks you will learn that you are addicted to sugar
  2. You will think somebody has taken your most valuable resource for living away from you
  3. After a week or two your energy will surge along with your attitude
  4. You will see the pounds start dropping

5. Drink Water

The more water you drink, the easier the pounds leave.

The common recommended water consumption for humans is 8-8oz glasses a day. That doesn’t include the soft drinks you have now given up, or coffee.

The 1/2 gallon of water is what you should drink everyday of your life. However, you can do better than that.

Think about it:

  • Water is helping to flush the fat cells from your body.
  • A constant supply of water to your body gets the toxins and poisons from sugar and chemicals (the ones from sugar and processed foods) out of your system.
  • The more you drink, the less your appetite.

For the best results, keep a bottle of water with you all the time and drink from 8 to 16 ounces about 30 minutes before a meal.

6. Eat More Meals

Most of us have it stuck in our heads to eat 3 meals a day.

But to tell you the truth, this isn’t the best way to manage your weight loss.

Instead of eating 3 meals, try eating 5-6 small meals each day.

Eating this way requires a new mindset about the amount of food you consume each time, but it’s well worth the effort when it comes to dieting.

Be careful to avoid thinking that snacking constitutes a meal and only eat healthy foods.

When you eat small amounts of healthy food several times a day, you keep your blood sugar levels on an even plane. This helps with weight loss, good health, and avoiding mood changes.

7. Don’t Give Up

The fastest way to give up on your plans is to stop eating altogether is expecting fast weight loss!

You must be realistic and set realistic goals. Just because you come to grips with the fact that you can no longer get into your favorite clothes you can’t stop eating?

Even if you have a plan, if it’s not attainable, you will fail from the start, and feel like a failure.

It took time to outgrow your clothes so don’t believe the ads about fast results. Probably not going to happen.

Reading this post will never get a pound off your body.

Without a doubt it’s easier for women to talk to each other about their weight loss goals than men! But you’ll find that putting these tips into play will help you lose weight and start looking and feeling better all by yourself.

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