Which Foods to Eat To Lose Weight Fast

If you’re interested in losing weight as fast as possible, it’s important to know which foods to eat. It’s easy to forget how important chosing the right foods are to short term and permanent weight loss.

And it can be hard to remember just how critical your food choices are when you’re in a hurry to lose weight. But, you can’t get around the fact, that when you get your diet right, everything else naturally falls into place.

Best Foods to eat for Fast Weight Loss

The first thing to concentrate on is removing all the junk food from your diet as possible. How do you do that?

Start by removing them from your home, workplace, and automobile. And forget consuming them to get rid of them. I know all too well the draw backs of deciding to wait until all the sugary snacks are gone to start a weight loss diet?

Instead of putting it off, give them to charity or throw them all in the garbage. It will help you make a comitment to your diet and eating healthy.

Good health and weight maintainance go hand in hand and should be your long and short term goal.

The Foods That Ensure Weight Loss and Health

Picture Of The Best Foods To Eat For Fast Weight Loss
The Best Foods to Eat for Fast Weight Loss

Fresh Fuits, Vegetables, and Berries

Fresh foods are a must have for anyone who wants to lose weight, whether it’s fast or not. Knowing which foods to eat to lose weight is a helpful strategy as any foods you eat can either make you gain weight or lose it.

Spinach, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, cabbage,tomatoes, cucumbers and any other foods from the fresh produce section. You don’t need to think of yourself as a vegertarian, just make fresh foods the mainstay of your diet.

Pears (Better than apples?)

Pears have more fibers than apple (6 grams vs 3 grams per medium-size fruit).The pectin fiber they contain decrease blood sugar levels responsible for snacking. so instead of that donut, cookie, candies… get a fruit.


Studies have demonstrated that eating half a grapefuit before each meal helped people lose over 3 pounds over 12 weeks. It also works with drinking a serving of grapefruit uice 3 times per day. The reason is the insuline levels are reduced thanks to phytochemicals in the fruit, which force the body to transform calories into energy instead of fat.

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Why salad is great? Well yes that’s green, and thus very light. It’s like everyone already told you salad is so cool for wieght loss. Since it’s very light, you should eat more, instead of filling your stomach with pasta, increase your salad serving. Even with dressing, you’ll get less calories, and more vitamins (C and E), folic acid, lycophene, and carotenoids.

High fiber cereals

Some studies have shown that by eating more high fibers at breakfast you would eat less at lunch.


A study of Purdue university showed that a cup of chicken soup was as satifying for your stomach as a piece of chicken. The supposed reason is that our brain perceives soup as filling. Plus, it’s great to have a hot drink when it’s cold.


High fiber beans are great. They will help you control hunger for a longer time, and act like a natural appetite suppressant. They can also lower your cholesterol and have shown to keep blood sugar under control.

Green tea

Ah, the miracle drink? Did I say miracle? Okay there’s nothing such as a miracle but green tea is a drink with lots of water which is already a great point. It’s also full of antioxydants (catechins), which helps to boost your metabolism, thus help you to burn fat. If it wasn’t enough, your LDL (bad cholesterol is also reduced).


To be honest, short of stopping food intake all together, the fast way to lose weight is to cut out all carbs – completely!

That means healthy carbs as well as unhealthy carbs that digest far too fast and turn into fat cells before you can use them for energy. But cuttung out all carbs creates a severe problem.

And that problem is a complete lack of energy, because carbs produce the energy we need to merely motivate through life. So, the best diet will always include carbs. But which carbs to eat to prevent gaining weight?

Fruits and vegetables contain healthy carbohydrates and will definitely top the food list because they digest slowly meaning you will be filling full for a longer time. Other foods to eat to lose weight fast include:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Meat, but no sandwich meat due to the fact that it’s always infused with sugar and salt.
  • Fish
  • Fresh or fresh frozen fruit

Stay away from bad carbohydrate foods like white rice, pasta and bread.

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Fats from Food

Don’t get caught up in the idea that eating fat makes body fat. It doesn’t!

And we all need fat in our diet. You may be surprised to hear that heart disease in this country has escalated out of control after people made the switch from animal fats to vegetable oils. And the more people come to grips with that, the harder the makers of vegetable oils fight back.

You do not need a steady diet of bacon grease, but eating beef, pork and chicken in healthy amounts is a key to losing weight, and keeping it off.

Other foods to include in your diet for healthy fats include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive Oil, if it’s real olive oil, and not a label that includes vegetable oils
  • Avocados
  • Real butter
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

Avoid hydrogenated oils, canola oil, vegetable oil,margarine and substitute butter.

Whole Eggs

Don’t stop eating eggs! High-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and a variety of trace nutrients abound in eggs.

Eggs are great for you muscles and having more muscle tissues naturally burns more fat. Eggs contain a lot of proteins, but it’s how and when you consume them that counts.

Have you tried them at breakfast? We’re in a culture that puts sugar as king at breakfast, too much of it. However eating a protein meal in the morning will have you eat less during the day. Less cravings, lower calorie intake

Eat the whole egg including the yolk which is the most nutrient rich part. Eggs actually helps to raise your good cholesterol, and makes eggs one of the best foods to eat to lose weight fast.

Eggs have a high satiety index, which means they are particularly good at making you feel full and allowing you to eat less calories overall. They include only tiny amounts of carbohydrates, so they won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

Lean beef

One favorite of many I guess. Just like what we said for eggs, it’s full of proteins, great for muscles that naturally burn calories. Maintain muscle mass and burn fat with lean beef at dinner and fight hunger too.


A dry and fat fuit? Exactly. But if you select these as your snack, you’re going to eat less during your meals and thus reduce your calorie intake. Plus they elevate your resting metabolism rate, which help you burn more calories throughout the day. They also contain omega 3 acids.

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Several studies proved the healthy benefits of cinnamon: one quarter teaspoon a day lower blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes. This will reduce your hunger.


I love it when I do some dressing and seasoning. A swedish study found that it makes your stomach full longer. The acetic acid slows down the travel of food from your stomach to your intestine. Also when you eat refined carbs like white bread, bloos sugar levels rise, but vinear can control it.


Though light, it does a great work at filling yiour stomach. Eating it as an apetizer will have you eat less during the meal, thanks to proteins that cut down appetite.

Hot red pepper

It’s going to be hot in your mouth. Spicy foods are supposed to elevate your metabolism, it burns inside! Well not only that there could be an appetite suppressant in red pepper called capsaicin so eating some may help you eat less of other foods during meals.


Eating the right foods is always important, but even more so when you are losing weight fast. Ensure you are eating nutrient rich foods that digest slowly. That means trying to replace as many processed foods as possible with fresh and fresh frozen foods.

For the best results, pread your meals into six mini meal courses throughout the day. These small meals will help you stay full all day and stop cravings.

 Stay focused and stay motivated-This journey is a challenge, even with the best foods to eat to lose weight, weight loss can be a daunting and challenging task. If you fail or cheat on your diet, don’t beat yourself up too much, just pick up from where you left off and stay focused. Find a workout buddy or get your friends to help you out. Support is a great motivation to keep going.

Weight loss can be a daunting and challenging task, so stay focused and stay motivated. The journey is a challenge, even with the best foods to eat to lose weight. When you cheat on your diet, don’t beat yourself up too much, just get back to the right foods as fast as possible.

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